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Students must demonstrate effort in the categories of Creative Promotional Campaign, Engaging the Outside Community, Hunger Advocacy and Education Impact, In-School Special Events, and Student Leadership. The more categories and activities the students engage in, the more points will be awarded to them. We have created the 2016 SCH Judging Rubric that can be downloaded, so you can see exactly how the points will be awarded.

The Deadline to Apply is Friday, December 30

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Student Leadership:

Early Bird Points:
(Please indicate if you submitted food prior to November 1st)
 We did not earn any Early Bird points. We earned a 4 point bonus for delivering more than 500 lbs prior to November 1st. We earned a 2 point bonus for delivering 200-500 lbs prior to November 1st.

I have submitted all information truthfully and to the best of my ability. I understand that any misleading or untruthful information can result in the removal of my school from the competition.

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